How to change your name in the US

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the government can now legally change your full name to a gender pronoun that matches the gender on your birth certificate.

In a 4-3 decision, the high court ruled that a change in gender is not a “change in sex” under the federal law, but a “modification of sex.”

The court ruled, in part, that the U.S. Constitution “does not recognize gender identity or gender expression as distinct entities.”

The decision was announced by the justices on Tuesday.

The ruling came on the same day that President Donald Trump signed a directive directing the Environmental Protection Agency to begin using the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “them” instead of the “they-word” and the “she-word.”

Trump has been criticized for this decision.

Critics say the directive is discriminatory because it’s a way to discriminate against transgender people.

“If this is a discriminatory and discriminatory practice, the court should issue a clear and unequivocal instruction that it is not,” said Emily Ekins, a transgender rights attorney with Lambda Legal.

“The court should hold this in contempt.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor joined the majority opinion, writing that the Trump administration is now the last person who should have the authority to change the name on your ID, passport, birth certificate or other documents.

She said the ruling was “not an opinion on whether the name should be changed, but on whether it should be allowed to be changed by the federal government.”

The ruling comes on the heels of a Supreme Court decision in January that said the Constitution does not give the federal courts jurisdiction over the issue of sex-based pronouns.

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