Which of the following is the most ancient and the oldest of all the Hebrew Scriptures? The Lord said to the children of Israel, ‘I am the Lord God of the Hebrews, and I have given the Israelites a record of what is written in the book of the prophets and of the books of the law’….I will not permit the Lord’s people to make any of these things [the ancient records] public. I am the LORD God of Israel and I will not make any thing public that is not true. The Lord says: ‘I will establish my covenant with you’….The Lord says to the Israelite people, ‘You shall have a written record of all that I say and do. This record shall be kept in the house of the Lord, where it shall be read to every soul. It shall be a written book. The LORD God will not let his covenant be destroyed, and he will not allow the LORD’s people [the Israelites] to make a written work of it, to be known to every nation, tribe, people, and language of the earth. Therefore, you shall have one written record that you may keep forever.’ [Deuteronomy 23:12-13, emphasis added] The Lad translation of this passage: Deuteronomy 3:21-22, English translation by James L. White, 1837-1922, vol. 2, p. 393-394 The Lamentation of the Boy in Bethlehem

This is a very popular text, but the Bible says so, as well.

This is from the Lamentations of the Sadducees, a collection of letters written to the disciples of Jesus Christ by the Sadduccees (the Sadducean followers of Jesus of Nazareth), some of whom were disciples of the Messiah himself.

They had been living in Jerusalem and were living among the people of the Jews.

Their first letter, which is called the “Lamentation,” is found in the Hebrew Bible.

It has been translated into English as “A Long Time Ago,” but the original text has not survived.

In the last century, scholars found a copy in the British Library, but there is no way to know what the contents of that text are.

This manuscript has been in the possession of the American Library of Congress since 1935.

The first part of this document is very straightforward.

Jesus tells the Saddducee disciples that he is the Christ.

Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, the King of Israel.

The Sadduces have been sent by God to bring peace and justice to the world.

The world must be freed from the yoke of wickedness and be ruled by the law of God.

They are called to take up the cross of Christ and follow him to glory.

Then he says, I am with you always, to the end of the world; to the hour of judgment, and to the uttermost end of eternity.

The next section, however, is more interesting.

Jesus speaks about the people’s war.

He says, “I am with them and will not forsake them.”

This is the second part of the prophecy.

He also says, This generation will not pass away until all these things have happened.

“This refers to the next generation, which Jesus calls the “millennium,” a generation of people who will not be born again until the Millennium of the Church.

It is a generation which will be called the second generation, but it is not part of that generation.

It will be a generation to come, and the generation of the millennium will be the generation that will pass away.

So the second prophecy also refers to a future generation.

In this second section, Jesus tells them about the destruction of the temple and the coming of the kingdom of God and then, He says this: “The Jews and the world are at war, and they shall be judged at the last day.

And this is the judgment which is to come upon the house [of Israel].

“This is what he says to them in the Laments of the Son: The Jews and world shall be at war with you; the temple shall be destroyed; the kingdom shall come.

And the nations shall come and destroy the temple.

And they shall come to their destruction; and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

And there shall come great tribulation and great destruction.

Then Jesus says to his disciples: “Now go and tell the people that the world is at war and the Jews are at strife, and that they must be destroyed.

They shall be hated, and their houses shall be demolished; and all the land shall be shaken.

For the children and children’s children shall be gathered together to destroy the city, and there will be weeping, and gnashed teeth.

And the wicked shall be smitten; and they will

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