Which French language will you want to hear next?

French language is not an obvious choice for many, but this week RTE has been asked by some of its readers whether they want to learn it. 

The question was put to its readers by one Catherine, who lives in the south-west of France. 

“It is not my native language,” she said. 

It is also not her first choice for reading.

“I have a good memory for reading and I enjoy it.

I like to read but I do not need to learn a new language.” 

However, she added: “I do know how to write and can read, but I am not a fluent reader. 

I have not learnt how to use the computer. 

What about reading on your phone? 

Do I want to have a laptop? “

I do not like to use a computer because I find it annoying. 

Do I want to have a laptop? 

Is there a way of being free from distractions?””

I will read the newspaper,” she added. 

She said that she had read books in English, but was not able to read a book written in French. 

However she added that she could understand the point of some of the books written in the language, including The Queen of the World by George Orwell. 

Read more about French: “It is a little confusing because it sounds like I am using the wrong word but I understand it.”

It sounds like the French people are different than us. 

Are there any other French books that you would like to hear more about?

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