“This is my life. It is my work.”

It was a Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Biscayne Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach, and a man was standing in line at the front desk, waiting for his card to clear.

A customer was waiting outside with a smile on his face, and the man walked inside.

The man, who didn’t want to give his name, asked the clerk, “Is this the same person who gave me a credit card?”

The clerk asked if the man was sure, and when he said yes, the man asked, “Did you give me a check?”

The man was confused, so the clerk explained, “Yes, but this one’s for my life.”

The man, an insurance agent, said he had never gotten a credit check before, and that he didn’t expect to.

“This card is for me,” the man said.

“It’s my life, it’s my work.

I work for it.

I don’t think I could be happier with it.”

The credit card clerk, who spoke to The Huffington in Spanish, said that while he is very familiar with many of the features of the card, like the ability to make deposits, the card was not the one he used to buy the $3,000 in clothes he wanted to wear, nor the $1,200 he was asked to pay for a new set of shoes.

The clerk, whose name was not used because he is still a customer, said it’s common for people to think of credit cards as a way to get a little money for a small amount of time, but that the card can also be a valuable tool for people in need.

“People can buy things and they can use credit cards for things, but if you get to a point where you need a lot of things and you don’t have any money to buy them, it becomes really problematic,” the clerk said.”If you don

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