Siri translates text from your Android phone

The ability to speak in the voice of your phone’s touchscreen is the latest innovation from Samsung.

The tech giant unveiled the ability to translate text from Android smartphones into the native language of your device, as well as to access text-to-speech capabilities on Samsung-made devices.

As you might expect, the translation process was relatively simple.

The new translation feature was only available to the Samsung Galaxy S6, which came out in May.

“We’re thrilled to offer our users a truly native translation experience for the Samsung Note 4,” Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung also announced a new feature called Voice Recognition, which is a feature that allows you to recognize speech patterns, or words that you are typing.

The company said that the new translation features will be available to Galaxy S5 and S6 users, as they did not come out for the Note 4.

For the moment, you can expect to see the ability on Samsung phones with 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

It’s not a big deal for most users, but it does mean that the ability will become available to other users as well.

“With the voice-recognition capability, we can provide the user with the ability for them to translate words in a way that works across devices,” Samsung told me.

Samsung says that the translation feature will be on all Galaxy S phones starting in April, and will be fully functional for the S6 and S7.

As far as we know, the feature will work on both Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S8 smartphones.

Samsung’s previous effort to bring native voice translation was a major success.

Last year, Samsung launched a new version of its mobile software called the S Voice that allowed users to translate SMS text and videos into the local language.

The feature was available to Samsung devices starting in late 2015.

Samsung said that its translation feature has become more widely used since the SVoice launch, and that it is now on over half of all smartphones running on Android.

This latest translation feature on the S8 will bring native translation to Samsung’s other phones.

The translation feature is also expected to be available on Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices.

Samsung was not immediately available for comment on this story.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is available now for $799.99 on the Google Play Store.

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