Norse translation jobs up 2% at a Norwegian supermarket

Searching online for Norse translations of online news articles has become easier in recent months, according to Norse, the Norwegian supermarket that offers online translation services.

Searching for Norsoe translation jobs on, a company that offers similar services to Amazon, increased about 15 percent last month, according the company.

Search engines, including Google, now offer thousands of translated articles, said Norse spokeswoman Lotta Kjaer.

That is more than double the number in January, the last time Amazon offered Norsoes translation services, according and a sharp jump from December.

Google said that it has seen a jump in searches for translation jobs as well, with a surge of jobs that are looking for Norwegian translators.

“People are now finding it very difficult to find Norsose translation work,” said Peter Hildenbrand, a translator with the company, which operates in Norway and the United Kingdom.

The increase in jobs in the online world has attracted people from across the globe.

Last month, Google added more than 1,300 jobs in translation and translation consulting.

“The rise of the online marketplace is making it much easier for people to find jobs,” said Hildelbrand, who has been working as a translator at Norsoest since 2003.

“It’s not the same as finding an agent.

It’s finding a person, finding the job.”

Hilderbrand said that while there are many online translation jobs out there, it is not easy to find them.

Some job postings have multiple languages listed, while others are not listed in a specific language.

Norsoeste also has a website that offers job postings and other information for translation work.

Some jobs are posted by employers, and others are posted anonymously.

Many job postings on the website are for jobs in retail or other service jobs.

“We are looking out for those who are looking to get into the online job market,” Hildellbrand said.

The Norsoese company does not offer a job listing.

Norwegian media outlet NRK reported that jobs posted online for translation services were mostly from English-speaking countries, including the United States, France and the U.K. However, the jobs were also posted by companies that are not necessarily Norsoemens, such as Google and Amazon.

Norsolex is a company with offices in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Its website offers job listings and other online information for Norwegian translators, including translation services for English-language news and entertainment websites.

In addition, Norsolexs website has listings for translation and research jobs for translators in several other languages.

A recent job posting by Norsolexts chief executive officer for translator jobs on the company’s website lists a salary range of €80,000 ($104,000) to €120,000 for a translator.

“This is not just for Norwegians but also for foreigners,” the company said.

A spokesman for Google declined to comment.

A job listing for an English-only job at the Norsolexe website said the job requires a bachelor’s degree in English and a certificate of proficiency in English.

Norosee did not respond to a request for comment.

Google also did not comment.

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