A new model of a large gravitational field reveals a new structure in the universe

article New Scientist article New research has discovered that the structure of a gravitational field is actually a single point in space. 

The finding suggests that the gravitational field could be a fundamental building block of the universe.

The discovery was published today in Nature, and was made by scientists from the University of Washington.

The new research has found that gravitational fields are made up of the same thing we think of as matter: photons.

The researchers analysed the data collected by the Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched in 1994. 

In the early days of the telescope, astronomers observed a huge amount of energy in the expansion of the Universe, as matter was pulled into galaxies by the expansion. 

Over time, this energy eventually became a gravitational pull that made the Universe more massive, and the Universe became more dark.

The Universe was at its largest and brightest point in its history at a time when its mass was at the lowest it has ever been, meaning that the Universe is very dense and it’s very cold. 

This meant that the expansion was slow, and therefore gravity was a big part of the process. 

But now, with the new Hubble data, the universe is moving faster and more quickly, and our understanding of the early Universe is much more precise.

This new information has allowed the researchers to make a prediction about the structure and composition of a small gravitational field, called a boson.

The scientists also discovered that it’s made up mostly of photons, which means that it has a structure that’s quite different to that of the massless, massless bosons that we thought of before.

The study has been published in Nature.

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