Which is Nepali?

Nepali is a dialect of the Nepali language spoken in the country, and is spoken in a variety of countries.

Nepali has an estimated 14 million speakers worldwide, and the country’s language is considered by many to be the “official” language of the country.

The Nepali script is also a script widely used in the world.

Nepalese is a form of Nepali spoken in Nepal, but the language is a mixture of different languages.

For example, the Nepaleses call themselves “Dalit”, and the “Prakrits” are an ethnic group of Dalits.

Nepalis also call themselves Dhamma, or the way of Dharma.

As a language, Nepali seems to have lost much of its originality, and even today it is a hard to pronounce word.

It is commonly used in English and Hindi, but it has also been used in other languages, such as Japanese, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Nepalings are believed to be descendants of those who migrated to the Nepalee Kingdom of Nepales in ancient times.

According to Nepali folklore, a number of people came to the region during the early centuries of the 17th century.

They settled there, built houses and started to settle on the land.

However, many of these people died in the wars with the British, and in the 18th century many families were forcibly removed.

Today, many Nepali are descendants of these original inhabitants.

According in many Nepalesean folk stories, the “Hindu King” (as they called him) was a great ruler, and ruled the land as a god.

After his death, his descendants inherited all of the land, including the city of Nepalees, and were given the name Nepali.

Today Nepali still maintains its status as a language of sovereignty, and there are many communities in Nepal that speak Nepali in the formal language of their country.

Many people still call themselves Nepali, and they can be found in all walks of life.

There are even schools that teach Nepali at home.

As the Nepalies are known as “Aryan” people, there are some misconceptions about Nepali and the people who speak it.

In Nepal, the term “Nepali” can refer to any one of three languages: Nepali (the Nepalesse language), Nepali-Prakrite (the Prakrit language), and Nepali English.

However it is usually used to refer to the language spoken by people of Nepala descent.

In fact, the name of the language can refer back to the days when Nepalesea were the people of the mountains and the sea.

Some people refer to Nepalesese as Nepali Nai, which means “Nephali language”.

This is due to the fact that the Nepalsese language is not widely spoken in their country, but Nepalesense is widely spoken among Nepali speakers.

In the modern Nepali speaking country, Nepalesene are known for their traditional dress, traditional language, and their reverence for their ancient culture.

Nepalses language is spoken by about 20 million people, of which about 15 million are ethnic Nepalesen.

The language is commonly referred to as “Neps” in Nepal.

Many of the children speak Nepalesian at home, and many people are Nepalesens parents.

It’s also said that Nepalesed is the Nepesese language, which is often used by children as a way of communicating with their parents.

The word Nepales is also used in Nepalesem.

Nepeses language has been the subject of controversy in many countries.

There is a debate about whether the word Nepali should be changed from “Neping” to “Nyaling” to differentiate it from Nepales language.

The debate was sparked after a Nepaleseban newspaper published an article called “Naked, Nepalis are Nepali,” and claimed that Nepalis were “Nysing” to the term Nepali when referring to Nepalese people.

Some of the statements that are made in the article have been condemned as offensive and racist.

However there are also people who argue that Nepali means “one who speaks” and that the word is the “original” Nepali word.

There has been a rise in hate crimes against Nepalesenes people in Nepal recently, with a number being committed on January 13.

One person was shot in the chest by a man who had insulted a Nepali woman.

The woman who was assaulted also suffered a severe injury to her neck.

She was rushed to the local hospital, but later died of her injuries.

The police have arrested the accused, who is currently being held in jail.

A group of Nepalis, who were protesting against the murder of a Nepalene woman, were attacked by police.

The incident was captured on video, and it shows the group of police officers attacking them with batons and tear gas.

Police officers

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