‘The Last of Us’: A Look at Ellie’s New Hair Color, Skin Tone, and Skin Tone by Sarah Vowell

Ellie is in her element now, and she’s wearing it well.

Ellie’s new hair color is black and white, and it’s a deep shade of brown.

Ellie is also wearing her new skin tone in a light olive green and light grey.

Ellie has been wearing a lot of different skin tones lately, and her new look definitely feels like a big departure from her usual look.

Ellie wears her hair in a ponytail, which makes her look even more girly.

Ellie also has a toned-down look, which is actually pretty cool.

Ellie and Ellie are dating, but it seems like Ellie is having trouble finding a partner who likes her.

She’s really getting into her new body of work and is enjoying herself.

Ellie looks very different from the one we met in the first game.

Ellie seems to be in love with her new girlfriend, Emily.

Ellie thinks Emily is beautiful, but Ellie is secretly not into girls.

Ellie goes through her entire closet looking for outfits for Emily, but her heart isn’t in it.

Ellie doesn’t feel comfortable wearing clothes that make her look like a stereotypical woman.

Ellie will dress up for parties, and the rest of her outfit is a mix of girly, girly girl stuff.

Ellie does get her new hair style and is wearing a black ponytail.

Ellie keeps her old style, but she looks a little more mature in it as well.

The rest of Ellie’s wardrobe looks like this: Ellie and Emily are dating in The Last of Me.

Ellie, Emily, and Ellie go out together at a restaurant.

Emily wears a black gown and a white top.

Emily and Ellie have dinner.

Ellie wants to go home and change her hair, but Emily insists she looks better without it.

Emily says she’s not a fan of Ellie going through the trouble of trying to look like her previous self.

Ellie asks Emily to help her dress her up, but there’s a problem.

Emily is not a girl.

Ellie gets dressed up and has a party for the girls at the restaurant.

Ellie finds herself in a bikini and a sexy white top, but then Emily says “I’ve got this.”

The party ends with Emily going out and taking off her clothes to reveal her breasts.

Ellie sees her boobs as a gift, and now she’s into girls a little bit more.

Ellie can’t go back to her old self anymore, and Emily is starting to fall in love.

Ellie ends up being in a relationship with her old girl Emily.

Emily feels a bit awkward about it, but when she sees Ellie wearing the bikini, she is ready to give Ellie back her love.

They start a romantic relationship and Ellie has a lot more fun with it.

The Last Of Us is available now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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