The first video game to use a real word to describe the weather

The first time I heard “the wind is strong,” I thought of a very old movie.

And it had a very specific name.

Wind gusts were referred to as wind gusts, and in many places they were called gusts of wind.

In the years since, as video games have grown in popularity and players have become more educated about the weather, the word wind has taken on a whole new meaning.

Now, as a new video game, Breath of the Wild, attempts to give players a more accurate description of what the wind is doing to their bodies, it has taken the wind gust of the season and translated it into the word gust.

Wind gusts are “gusts of air,” according to the game.

So, if you’re looking for an accurate description, here’s what the game has to say about them.

“The wind gust is what is really causing your body to experience pain and discomfort, and it can be very uncomfortable.”

The game doesn’t explain how the wind affects your character’s body in any detail.

But the game does provide a few examples of what this is really like:”You will feel a bit of discomfort if you feel the wind on your body, and you can also feel it if you have cold sweats or the flu,” the game states.

“But when the wind blows in your face, you’ll feel it more.”

In other words, if a wind gust hits you, you may feel a little pain and be unable to breathe, but you’re still going to be feeling it.

You can also “feel it if your skin is cold or if you get a cold.”

That’s because the game describes how it affects the skin.

“When you feel it, you know it’s real, and there’s a feeling of warmth that comes from the wind,” the developers explain.

“If you have a cold, you can feel the chill, and if you don’t feel the cold, it feels like a bit windy.”

Wind gust is “the sensation of wind blowing in your eyes,” according the game, and that’s what gives the game its name.

In this case, “the feeling of wind” is what the developers mean when they describe the sensation of the wind in a video game.

“It’s the feeling of a gust, a gust of wind,” they explain.

The game does not explain how it will affect your physical body in the game itself, but it’s clear from the game that it will impact your health.

“You’ll have to be careful not to let the wind get to your eyes, and the feeling will make you feel tired,” the developer explains.

“As you get tired, you will get sick.”

As you become tired, the wind will “make you feel like you’re getting windy,” the creators explain.

It’ll make you lose the ability to breath and be in a drowsy state, which makes it difficult to get up in the morning.

And you may even feel like “you’re getting cold,” and you may be “sick.”

This is not the only way that the game’s description of wind affects its gameplay.

The game also gives players the ability “to see the wind” and “feel the wind.”

The game’s developers have stated that “if you see the weather through the wind, you won’t feel it.”

Wind can also cause “a burning sensation in your throat,” according a statement by the game developers.

“Wind can cause burning sensations in your mouth, throat, and nose,” the statement reads.

“Some players have reported feeling as if they are having coughing fits.

This is not uncommon.”

If you’re worried about the wind blowing across your eyes or throat, you’re not alone.

In one video game study, nearly 70 percent of those surveyed reported feeling uncomfortable and/or frightened by wind.

Wind can also affect your mood and make you more aggressive, according to one study of the game The Wind Waker.

“It’s not a game for everybody, but if you can experience the wind as an emotion that can affect your emotions, that will make a big difference,” game developer Hidetaka Miyazaki told Polygon.

“And if you are an active player, you might get really annoyed at wind.”

In the game Wind Wakers, players have to face a new danger called “the Wind Walker.”

The Wind Walker is an invisible foe that attacks by whipping up wind and pushing its wind sword down on players.

“Players will need to use their wits and skill to avoid the Wind Walker,” the Breath of Wild developers explain in their statement.

“Try not to get too close to the Wind Warden.

You’ll be tempted to take a hit, and they’ll be able to take the hit back.”

The Wind Walker will “attack with gusts from above,” according its description in the Breath Of the Wild developers’ statement.

This means the Wind Walker will “force players to dodge it.” “Wind w

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