Spanish number translator app translated by French, German

Spanish number translation app translated to French, French-German by a French-speaking translator has been available for a few weeks on the Google Play Store.

The app, which can be downloaded from the Google App Store, is the latest app to be added to the company’s growing collection of apps aimed at translators and translators of other languages.

The Spanish app is the result of a collaboration between Google and a Spanish language publisher that included translations of French books and films, including the upcoming feature film The Great Wall, by Brazilian director Alejandro G. Inarritu.

Spanish-language translation apps are typically expensive, and they often don’t translate well.

In the case of the app, a company called Fédio Cazas translated some of the material in the book, which will be published by the company in English next month.

The new app was first spotted by a Spanish blogger who went by the name Lúcia, who tweeted that the app was translated to English by the French-based publisher.

Google’s Spanish number translators are the latest in a growing number of companies to add French-language apps to the Play Store in the past two years.

Last year, the French publisher, Éléviance Française, added a French app called Cazaz (Cajuazo) to its library of French-only apps, and earlier this year, Google added a translation app called VivaLímite (Viva Language) to the app library.

In addition to the French apps, Google has recently launched its own app called Tout le Féminisme, which allows users to translate texts from French to English.

That app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices.

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