How to translate the Khmer to Vietnamese website

VAN HUA, Vietnam — If you’re fluent in Vietnamese, you can search for the word khmer and translate it to Vietnamese.

But if you’re not fluent, you might want to look elsewhere.

Here’s how.

Vietnamese pronunciation is a bit more complicated than English.

That’s because Khmer is pronounced the same as English phonetically, but Vietnamese pronunciation is actually quite different.

It’s pronounced like a phonetic letter, or letter with the sound of “k.”

That’s the phonetic equivalent of the “k” in “kangaroo.”

If you hear “k,” you know it’s pronounced “kah.”

The “k”‘s are not a sound, but a “b” sound.

The difference is in how the “b,” “bah,” “kha” sound changes in Vietnamese.

In English, the phoneme k has a soft “k”.

But in Vietnamese the sound is more pronounced than the English sound.

This is why the English word “kuh” has the phonemic sound, which is pronounced like the “c” in the “C” sound of the English “k.

It is also why the Vietnamese word “kh” sounds more like “k-ch”.

That soft “b”, “bahs” sound is how most Vietnamese people pronounce the word “Khmer.”

In English and English-speakers in Vietnam, the soft “bah” sound can be pronounced as “bah,” while the sound “bahs” is more often pronounced as a “ch.”

That means that the “kh,” which is a sound in the English language, is pronounced more like the English pronunciation of “kh.”

The Khmer sounds very similar to the English sounds, so most people in Vietnam pronounce them the same way.

In the U.S., the pronunciation of Khmer differs slightly from the English-speaking world.

In the U of A, the pronunciation is “Khuh,” which sounds like “KHUH.”

In the city of Long Beach, California, it’s called “Khunh,” and in Las Vegas, it is called “Hahn.”

In the Philippines, the English translation of “Kh” is pronounced “khwah,” which means “happy.”

In Vietnam, it sounds like the sound made when a “khoo” is spoken and the syllable “kh is” is made in the middle of the syllables.

In English, Khmer means “beautiful.”

In Vietnamese, it means “gold.”

The two sounds are pronounced the exact same.

You can read more about that here.

So, how do you get the word Khmer?

The answer to that question is in Google Translate.

This app will translate the word into Vietnamese.

You’ll need a free Google account.

You might also want to set your search term to English, or if you don’t have an account, the free service will let you pick your own phrase.

Google Translate offers a few options.

You may want to use the most popular.

Google’s app allows you to pick a phrase and translate from it to Khmer.

Alternatively, you could use the one that Google says is most popular in the world.

Google Translates words in English, so you can look up phrases like “to be a kung fu” and “to do kung-fu.”

Or you could search for phrases like, “to fight with a kong.”

Google Translator also lets you search for a phrase, but you need to be a Google+ user to search for someone else’s.

To use Google Translated, click the link that says “Search for words in a phrase.”

You can then search for one of the phrases in Google.

Then, click “Google Translater.”

You can see a list of all of the translated phrases, and you can also search for words.

You just need to type in the phrase in the search box and you’re done.

It will then automatically translate the phrase into Vietnamese if you type in a word that’s not in the dictionary.

It also uses Google’s Translate algorithm to find the word in the Phnom Penh dialect.

Google says that you should be able to translate words in the U, Cambodia, Laos, Cambodia-Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

For example, you should probably be able, in the country of Laos, to translate “to dance” into “to learn.”

But if not, Google Translations says you should translate the words “to teach” and then translate “kung-mu.”

In addition to translating words, Google also offers a free app called Khunh (pronounced “khuh”) that you can download to use to practice your Khmer pronunciation.

Khun means “good” in Vietnamese and is the name of a country in Cambodia.

It sounds very much like the name you might get from the movie “Kung Fu Panda.” It’s not a

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