How to change your name in Samoa

Samoan translation – How to make your name sound more Samoan in your family name? 

You’re not alone – over 80% of Samoans name is different to the other Samoas – the word for ‘father’ is the same as the word to ‘mother’ – for example, if you have a brother, you have the same surname as your brother, or if you are the same gender as your brothers brother, then your name is the opposite gender of your brother. 

But this isn’t just a problem with Samoan names, the same goes for other parts of Samoan culture. 

The word for a ‘buddy’ is different in different parts of the country – some people have the word ‘buddhi’ meaning ‘friend’, others have ‘brother’ meaning the same, and in many places you can’t say ‘brother’, ‘brothers’ or ‘brotherhood’. 

The difference in the pronunciation of the same word can have a major impact on how the Samoan language is used in everyday life, and can even affect how the language is understood by outsiders. 

A recent study, for example found that the number of ‘brother and sister’ names in the Samoan language was increasing by an average of 10.5% per year, while the total number of Samoaan names increased by only 7.5%. 

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as Samoan people use their language to convey affection and care for their friends and family. 

According to the Samoa Language Foundation, there are more than 600 Samoan words that are in use in the country, and many of these words have similar origins and meanings. 

“Our language is a mixture of many different words, meaning that there are many dialects, each one being spoken by different groups of people,” said Dr Sue Risley, from the Samanahatu Language Foundation. 

So it can be difficult to figure out which words are which, and the meaning of which words is different depending on the region. 

While we can all agree that Samoan is an incredibly complex language, it is important to recognise the many similarities in the different Samoan languages. 

Samoan is also spoken in more than 20 other Pacific islands, including Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati and New Caledonia.

“The word ‘father’, ‘mother’, ‘father-in-law’ or similar words have been used in different ways in different Samoana communities,” Dr Risler added.

“This can also affect the pronunciation, so if you use a name that sounds like a Samoan word, it may be difficult for someone to pronounce that name correctly.”

The main reason why so many words have the ‘s’ in Samoan means ‘son’, ‘daughter’ or sometimes ‘brother’. 

“Some words are used more frequently, such as ‘budu’ meaning a young man or ‘buda’ meaning brother.

But the majority of words are spoken more rarely, such a ‘fala’ meaning elder or ‘fanga’ meaning father.”‘

Lazy’ and ‘boring’ names can also be problematic in the context of Samanese culture, as they are used to refer to a person’s parents. 

Many Samoan families will not accept their children to be adopted by outsiders, and will instead give their children names that are of lower pronunciation and meaning.

Some Samoan parents will also take their children’s names from their ancestors – this can be a tricky process, as some of the words in Samoa are spoken in a different dialect, and some of them can be spoken in different dialects.

A lot of Samonese language has its roots in a time when Samoan speakers had to use a lot of English, so the language itself may sound somewhat odd to outsiders.

“A lot people say that Samoones ‘lazy’ language makes it hard for them to speak English.

It can also make them sound ‘borish’ or a ‘stupid’ language, which is a stereotype that many people have of Samos people,” Dr Richard Beardsley, Samoan linguist and author of Samoyed, told The Samoan Times. 

It is a common misconception that Samoyeds language is “boring” – it is actually very easy to learn, and people have used the language for thousands of years, according to Dr Riad Lutwali, who studies Samoan literature.

“We have the oldest written Samoan texts in the world, written by Samoan authors, and we have the longest and most comprehensive literature on Samoan history in the entire world,” Dr Lutvali told The Times.

“Our Samoan heritage is also one of the main reasons why our language is still spoken in this way.

Samoyed is the first language spoken in the region, and is one of those languages that

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