How to change the Google Translator app shortcut for Google Chrome

The Google Translate app for Chrome is now available for the Google Chrome browser, but it can’t be used to translate documents in Google’s official website, and Google has made it clear that it won’t allow it.

It’s also not yet possible to set the shortcut for Chrome’s web page to use Google Translated texts.

Google’s Chrome team told us that Google has no plans to change this and that it’s up to developers to make sure that their apps are compatible with the new Google Translations API, a feature that lets third-party apps translate text and images.

“Google has provided the APIs to third-parties to build their apps that support Google Translators APIs, and we expect developers to continue to use these APIs to deliver their apps to Chrome users,” a spokesperson told us.

“The Chrome team does not have plans to update the Google Translation API to provide the functionality that third-Parties have requested.”

Google Translate is a feature in Google Chrome that lets apps that can translate text in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and other languages, translate text, and create custom translations for websites.

Google says that it doesn’t use Google’s API to create translations for non-English-language apps, and it doesn�t sell the APIs.

Google has a number of Google Translatios apps available on its website.

In addition to Google Translation, there are a few other services that use Google�s API, including Chrome Apps for Android, Chrome Apps on iOS, Chrome on Android, and Chrome for Android.

We have contacted Google for clarification about whether the company plans to add Google Transtranslation to Chrome’s apps.

Google has a lot of apps on its store and we’re interested to see if they use the Google API to translate, and to see whether Chrome users will be able to install the new Chrome version to use the new APIs.

If you want to get a hold of Google�t just translate text into the Google language, though, you can use Chrome’s new Translator API.

You can get a free trial of the Google translator app by going to chrome://apps, clicking on the “translate” icon in the upper right corner, and entering your Google account password.

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