How a simple word can transform your world

An article in The Verge about how Apple translate an Armenian language book to English is the latest example of how a simple piece of technology can have an impact on our lives.

In this case, the article is called “A Conversation with Armenia’s National Treasure: The Armenian National Treasure,” and it features an essay by Armenians in Armenia.

The Armenian National Tourism Organization (ANTOO) describes the book as “an indispensable tool for our people in their daily struggle for survival and prosperity.”

It is based on the classic Armenian novel The Armenian Fairy Tale, written in 1923 by N. Kaganian.

The book was translated into English in 1998, and in recent years it has been a hit for Armenian language publishers.

An article about the book appeared in the Armenian newspaper in September, 2017, and it describes the Armenian language as “a fascinating, complex and rich heritage that is constantly evolving.”

The essay begins with the title “An Armenian Fairytale.”

It describes the story of an Armenian man who, after his father died, was left with nothing but his grandmother’s clothes and her house, and he wanted to live a life of luxury.

When he came across the fairy tale book, he immediately wanted to know what it was about.

He was so intrigued that he decided to read the book.

The book, it says, “was written in an ancient time and has a very different feeling than our modern times.

Its simplicity and its elegance make it the most beautiful of all Armenian fairy tales.”

The piece describes how the book is “very easy to read and very easy to understand,” and describes the author as a man who “taught his grandchildren how to read in the old days.”

It also discusses how “the beauty of the text can also be seen in the language, which is written in the beautiful Armenian language, that is very difficult for us to read.”

And it says that it is not the first time the Armenian people have been inspired by the book, and that “the story of this story is one that we can share with our children.”

An Armenian man looks at the Armenian National Museum’s collection of fairy tales.

The man is from Armenia.

(AP photo/Emilio Morenatti)”There is a deep desire among the Armenians for the story to be told by a real person, who has the wisdom and the insight to write this beautiful book,” the article says.

“The reader can be guided by the author’s unique style, his humor, his love of history and the beautiful illustrations.

He will have no doubts about the authenticity of the story.”

The article goes on to describe how the author “will have no doubt about the integrity of the words, the beauty of their meaning and the importance of the historical details.

This will give him the confidence to give his opinion about the work of his father.”

Armenians in America and Europe are very interested in Armenian literature, and they often pay great attention to Armenian literature in Armenia and around the world.

An example of this is the recent announcement that Disney had purchased the rights to produce an Armenian-themed film, titled “The Adventures of Hana” (pronounced “Hah-ana”).

The film, which stars actor and comedian Hana Poonamyan, was set to be released in 2019.

The title of the film was also revealed in a statement on the official Disney website.

“Disney’s acquisition of the rights for the Hana fairy tale is an exciting opportunity for our community to see an Armenian story told in a new way, and we are thrilled to bring it to the world,” said Yevgeny Galabov, the vice president of the Armenian-American Chamber of Commerce, in a release.

“Our dream is to see this film make a mark in the world and be a powerful and influential example of our Armenian history.”

As the Armenian media began to cover the story, Disney released a statement saying that the company was “delighted to add this story to our portfolio of timeless stories of inspiration, and are committed to the continued celebration of our beautiful culture.”

Disney has said it would be publishing a film version of the book with English subtitles, but it has yet to announce which one.

The author’s essay continues to gain attention.

In January, he spoke at a conference on Armenian literature.

And in May, the Armenian parliament passed a resolution calling on Disney to bring the book to life.

Armenia’s president, Ilham Aliyev, is also a big fan of the fairy tales, and the country’s government has offered him millions of dollars to make the film.

He has yet have any contact with Disney, and has not made any offers to purchase the rights.

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