Why did the Narendra Modi government stop the release of the Hindi version of ‘Aakash’.

Hindi was the official language of India until 2014.

But in 2017, the Narendra Narendra Modi Government of India passed a law to block the release for free of all films in Hindi, the national language of the country.

The new law, which has not been approved by the Parliament, is being challenged in the Supreme Court.

It seeks to block films in the national languages that “distort the impression of Indian culture”.

A law to bar films that have “incorrect portrayal of Indian society” and “inconsistently portray or represent any person or group of persons” from being released is not a law.

It is a political decision by the ruling BJP to block Hindi movies that it feels are anti-national, sexist, vulgar and offensive to Hindu and Muslim sensibilities.

In February 2017, India was rocked by a massive rioting in Bengaluru that saw the killing of more than 2,000 people.

The riots had occurred just two months earlier.

The BJP-led government in India, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has blamed the rioters for the deaths of at least 1,000.

The rioters have been blamed for setting fire to shops, setting fires to homes and setting shops on fire.

The riots in Bengalururu are seen as a clear example of the growing problem of violence in the country as well as the lack of security in the city.

This is not the first time a national language was blocked from being used by a government in a nationalistic fashion.

In March 2016, India’s then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh banned Hindi films, books and TV shows, which had been released in other languages.

While India has become the world’s largest producer of Hindi-language films, the number of films and television series released in English has remained steady over the past decade.

In 2014, India had around 2,400 films, of which about 1,500 were English-language.

The majority of those films were in Hindi.

The Indian government is also banning films that are offensive to Muslims and Hindus.

The recent protests in Bengalurbuhati in Uttar Pradesh, where at least 11 people were killed, are an example of this.

In February 2017 , the BJP-ruled Parliament passed a new law to ban the release in any language of films that “incite communal hatred”.

The new restrictions were introduced by the then Union Home Minister R.N. Singh, who said the protests in the state were a response to the lack “of law and order” in the area.

“A person is killed every 10 minutes in the State of UP, and every 10 minute in other States of India, due to the absence of law and law-enforcement agencies,” he told NDTV.

“So what does the government do?

They ban all films, and that is the only way they can prevent that violence.”

On March 21, 2017, Prime Minister Modi, who was in the United States, issued a statement condemning the riots in India.

He said, “In this country, there is no such thing as an Indian.

I have seen the situation in India for the last 14 years.

I cannot understand how these riots could happen in this country.

I am going to India today to express my sorrow for the loss of life in Bengalurduhatis, and to express our anguish over the failure of the Indian government to bring down such rioting.”

In response to Modi’s statement, the BJP government has tried to block more films in other national languages.

In July 2017, a Delhi court ruled that all films that were banned in Hindi were banned from India, as well.

However, on April 7, 2018, a court ruled the ban on Hindi films to be unconstitutional.

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