Which languages are you using most often?

Apple and Google are using an English translation service to make their products more accessible, but they have to do it in a way that works across languages.

Apple is using a new language learning service to provide Spanish-language versions of its iPhone apps, and Google is using an entirely new tool to provide English-language translations of its Android apps.

Google is also using Google Translate to provide translations of translations of apps from Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

What you need to know about Apple and Microsoft’s translations: Apple says it is using Microsoft Translate in part to provide support for its iPhone and iPad apps.

Google says it’s used the tool to deliver translations of Chinese-language apps that have been translated into English by the Google Translator app.

The app is a free download, but it has a $99 annual subscription that offers users a better experience.

Both companies say the app uses a dictionary of more than 700,000 English words and phrases to give users accurate translations of the content.

Microsoft is not offering a full-text search function in the Google app, but the company said that it uses “deep-learning” technology to learn how to recognize different words and how to better organize the phrases they contain.

Google says its translation service uses Google Translatio to provide translation of Chinese and Japanese apps and that it has used Microsoft Translatios deep-learning technology to understand how to improve its translation experience.

Google has said that its translation tool is “a full-service platform,” but it hasn’t provided details about what kind of service it provides.

While the Google App is not yet available in English, Apple says it has added English versions of many of its apps, including its Maps app, for Android.

You can find out more about Google’s and Apple’s translations here.


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