What are the rules for translators of the Chinese Communist Party’s online platform?

The Chinese Communist party’s official media outlet has been inundated with complaints about an editor who has removed a section on Chinese national history that it deemed to be too long.

The section, entitled “The Great Leap Forward,” was removed by its deputy editor, Wang Zhenghua, who also wrote a lengthy explanation explaining why the section had been removed.

The explanation was posted on the official Weibo microblogging service last week, sparking angry responses from some readers who believed it was a sign of censure.

The comments section for the explanation was full of comments about how the explanation made it appear that the reason for the deletion was a result of an oversight.

But there are also people who say the explanation is the product of censorship.

The reason for removing this section from the official website is that it contains too much material on the Great Leap forward, the deputy editor of the Communist Party of China’s official WeChat microblog, who was previously censured by the Communist party, said in a post on Weibo on Wednesday.

The reasons for the removal are: 1) this is not the first time a section in the section on China’s national history has been removed; 2) it is a matter of party discipline, not a matter for censorship, he wrote.

Some of the comments have called it a political decision to censor the section.

But Wang said he has no plans to change the section’s content.

“It is not a political matter, it is purely a matter about party discipline,” he said.

“What I want is that people should not see this as a problem with the party, or as a political issue, because we should all know that the party has its own history.”

The explanation posted by Wang on WeChat said the section “contained too much information on the great leap forward and it was not in line with party discipline.”

The section is one of several sections on China that have been removed by Wang since the Communist leadership took control of the website last year.

It was not clear why the Chinese government removed the section in question, but the explanation does not specify the reason.

“I would like to stress that this section was not censored because of its content,” Wang wrote.

“There is no reason to change it or censor it.

Rather, the reason was a political one.”

Wang added that the section was removed due to a “technical error” that occurred when the website was down.

“The reason was not because the article had too much content, but rather the technical error,” he wrote in a later post.

“We have now fixed this issue and the section will be reinstated on our website.

We apologize for the inconvenience.”

China’s censors have been in a state of uproar about the section, with critics saying it was politically motivated and a sign that the ruling party is not listening to its citizens’ demands for more transparency.

Many Chinese have been protesting online in response to the removal of the section and calling for Wang to resign.

“This section has become a part of the party’s history,” wrote one Weibo user, who did not give his name, in response.

“They are suppressing history.

They want to conceal history from the public.”

Another Weibo commenter, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the explanation on the site showed “the official party’s disdain for citizens.”

“This is censorship and an attempt to hide a political motive behind it,” the commenter wrote.

The WeChat account of Wang Zhensueh, the official account of the leader of the Central Committee of the CPC’s China People’s Political Consultative Conference, was deleted by Wang last week.

Wang did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Associated Press on Wednesday about why the explanation for the section being removed was not publicly available.

WeChat also deleted a WeChat message from the same account that called for Wang’s resignation, saying that it had received a letter from the Communist government informing it that the account was suspended.

“As a result, the account has been temporarily suspended,” the WeChat statement said.

The account was deleted in October, according to an internal Chinese government document.

Wang was previously the deputy director of the China People (Beijing) News and Publicity Bureau, a top party-controlled media outlet, which was dissolved last year under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

He was named deputy director on the same day as Wang, but did not become the party secretary for the People’s Daily, the party newspaper that the leader leads.

China’s government has been trying to consolidate power in the country since Xi took office in 2012, when he took over the party after a tumultuous leadership transition that saw Xi step down and step into the role of head of state.

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