Shakespearean translator takes on ‘biblical’ ‘pornography’ in Bible study

An Oxford University student has translated the Bible into English, and his efforts have been featured in a documentary that was aired on the History Channel.

Dr. David D. O’Neill, a senior research scholar at Oxford University’s Classics Department, spent four years studying the Bible for his doctoral dissertation.

Owing to its extensive and often contentious content, O’Neil said he was surprised to learn that a biblical scholar could have translated it in the first place.

In the documentary, O. Henry, the author of the Bible’s Old Testament, was interviewed by a student named Paul.

O’Neill said that Paul was shocked when O’Henry told him about the Bible translation.


Henry said that he could have just as easily translated the entire Bible into German.

He also said that it would have taken him just over an hour to read the entire book.

“It’s a bit shocking,” O’Malley said.

“I think it shows that people can really, really read and understand the Bible.”

The Bible is a compilation of different writings of the Old Testament.

It is considered the oldest and most reliable Bible in the world, dating back at least 3,000 years.


Henry said that a translation of the entire bible is more challenging, but that he found that he had to take his time.

O”Henry was amazed when he read that, and he felt it would take a very long time,” O.

Malley said, noting that he is a student and is not a professor.


Henry said he also realized that his English translation of Scripture would be the only one he would have to learn.

“When I finished the Bible, I would not be able to read it, because I could not read it,” O’.

Henry told the History Network.

“It would be like reading a book in English, which is not the case.”

O’Neil, who is now a professor of English at the University of South Florida, said that the experience has made him a better scholar.

“I have found that I have a better understanding of the words that the writer used, and I have found myself with more appreciation for the words of the author, which has been really useful in my research,” Oleyn said.

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