Japanese-English dictionary, translated

The Washington, D.C., police department has posted an online translation of the police dictionary, Japanese-language and English-language, from its Japanese-only database.

The dictionary includes entries that are part of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, a federal program that provides information to law enforcement agencies about crimes committed in the United States.

The website, which was posted by the D.J.C. Department of Public Safety, has a search box to the right of the main page to search for specific crimes and crimes in general.

In addition to the dictionary entry, the website has a number of related links.

The first one is a link to a video describing the dictionary, which describes how the dictionary works.

In this video, the DAPC says the dictionary is “the most comprehensive in the world” for crime dictionary entries.

Another is a video explaining the dictionary’s search functionality.

In that video, a user can search for a crime by entering the crime’s description, location, and time of occurrence.

The video concludes with a brief summary of the dictionary and a list of the crimes in the dictionary.

The next link on the page shows how the website can search on a map.

The map is similar to the one used by the National Crime Information Center, the police agency’s website.

In the map, the map contains all of the crime information in D.P.C.’s database.

In other words, the mapping function allows the user to access crime data on the map.

This map, which shows all of D.D.

C’s crime information, can be viewed here.

DAPL protesters march through the streets of downtown Portland, Ore., on Aug. 1, 2017, to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

(Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

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