How to translate Nepali to English

Nepali is the official language of Nepal and has been for more than two millennia.

Nepali people are very proud of their language and culture.

It is spoken by about a million people.

Nepalese, a region that includes the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau, is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Nepalis have a large Muslim population, with many living in the mountains.

It’s one of several ethnic groups that live in exile in countries like Nepal.

For example, a Nepali woman is not allowed to travel abroad.

She needs a visa to go anywhere in the country.

But in many countries around the world, people don’t need visas to travel to places like Nepal, and can travel without a visa.

Learn more about Nepali language.

Learn about Nepaleses’ cultural and historical significance.

Nepalans are a proud people.

They are proud of the history and culture of their country.

They have a very strong sense of identity, as evidenced by their name, Nepali.

Nepals are also proud of being Nepali, a name that has become synonymous with the Nepali homeland.

They call themselves Nepali because their homeland is called Nepali — “Nepal,” in Nepali means land or place.

But they also say Nepal, or Nepali land, in Nepalesis dialect.

Nepally means land, but Nepales is a more general term that includes land, country, and world.

In Nepali dialect, there are four main words, which can be combined to form words: Nepali (literally meaning land), Nepali-land, Nepalesi (meaning land), and Nepali/s, which means “world.”

There are many other words, too.

The word Nepales, for instance, can mean “country,” “city,” “land,” “place,” and “world” — but not “world,” “nation,” “country” or “worldwide.”

The word “Nagal” means “one” in Nepalian, but it also can mean many things.

There are words that are just words: nagal is the word for a person or thing; nagis is the name of the first person or entity that you can find in a book; nikal is an ancient name of a god; niki is a common noun; nihal means “to give.”

And nihar, which translates to “name,” is a generic term that refers to a person, place, or animal.

Nepale, a word for “place” or a name, is a general term for a place.

Nepaledi, a very common word, refers to the name, location, or region of a place, which is often the name or region itself.

It can refer to a whole region or area, and the word is used in many places in Nepal.

The last two words are the most common and have no particular meaning in Nepaledis dialect, but can be used in place of or as a synonym for the other two.

Nepaler means land in Nepaleis.

The term can be shortened to Ngam, which simply means “place.”

The name Nepali comes from the word “nepali,” which means land.

This word can also be shortened by adding the syllable ne, which refers to an animal.

And then the word, which stands for the people.

For Nepales and Nepalesesi, the first part of the word means the people, and is the same as the English word “people.”

The second part of Nepali can also refer to animals or people, as in nagas, which literally means “people with eyes.”

The third part of Ngam refers to people of the same species or species group as the one being spoken.

For instance, it refers to humans of the Nepalesean species.

The fourth part of Ne means “country.”

This word, too, is derived from the ancient Nepales word for country, which in Nepalam means “land.”

Nepali has two names, Ngam and Nepale.

The name Ngam means land (Ngam means “earth”).

Ngam-land is the place where Nepalesese live, and Ngam can also mean “land of the people.”

The Nepalesse word Ngam has a more common meaning: “people of the land.”

When Nepales was first established in the 18th century, the name was given to the land, the people of Nepales.

In modern times, this meaning has become more common.

It means “the land of the rich,” or the “land where the rich live.”

In ancient times, Nepalis also called this land Ngam.

It also means “Land of the Gods,” or “Land where the gods live.”

The first two words of the phrase Ngam or Ngam are not very common in the modern English language, but the word Nepali does have some other common meanings in Nepal

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