Why does the Irish have no word for the word “Enchantment”?

Posted August 25, 2018 09:15:01A little over a century ago, the Irish had a word for what they had been struggling with for centuries: the word Enchantment.

It was in the title of a poem that the poet, John Finnemore, wrote to an Irish missionary in 1785.

The missionary’s name was John Finn, and he was an Englishman from the nearby county of Wicklow.

Finnemore was from Wicklow, and like so many Englishmen, he was eager to spread the Irish language to the new Irish settlers who were settling in Ireland in the 17th and 18th centuries.

John Finn was not the only one interested in the English language.

English-speakers were also interested in learning Irish.

In the 19th century, a large proportion of the population of the Irish Republic came from English-speaking areas of Britain.

Many of these immigrants brought their English-language knowledge with them, and they soon formed a strong Irish-speaking community.

For decades, the language was part of the daily routine in Irish schools, and it was part, too, of the everyday vocabulary of Irish-language speakers.

Today, Irish-Irish speakers in Ireland are far more educated than they were in the 19st century.

They are well educated, with a university degree, an associate’s degree, and a doctorate, as well as a professional qualification in many fields.

Irish-Irish bilinguals are more likely to be employed in high-paying jobs, including medicine, engineering, and other professional disciplines.

They are more than twice as likely as English-Irish to be on the boards of major Irish companies, and more than three times as likely to hold high-ranking positions in Irish-nationalist and nationalist groups.

As a result, they are more fluent in English than they would be in a country where they had never spoken English before.

But it is not just their English that is a strength of Irish culture.

While many Irish-English bilinguals have an English-to-Irish degree, many of the bilinguals who were raised in Ireland and who have lived in Ireland for a number of years are also fluent in both Irish and English.

When the new language was introduced, many bilinguals spoke Irish in their homes, but they were often not the most fluent speakers of the language.

They tended to use their native Irish in conversation.

For example, the phrase “the English language is English” was used by many bilingual Irish-speaker children in their early years.

They were not able to use it with their English counterparts, who would often use phrases such as “the Irish language is Irish.”

This is not the case with most of the new languages, such as Irish-Scottish, English-Celtic, and Scottish-English.

In these new languages and in those that are being spoken today, the ability to use one language to express one thought or to convey a particular message is a fundamental component of a bilingual’s culture.

Irish-Cathy Byrne, an expert on Irish-Spanish language in Ireland, told The Irish News that Irish-Finnic speakers have a very strong affinity for the Irish national language.

The language is an essential part of their culture, and this is reflected in the way that Irish speakers talk to one another.

“People talk about the language, but also to one-another,” Byrne said.

“The language has always been a part of a person’s identity.

It is not something that you can just take away.”

The Irish-Language Network is the national body that promotes the language in the Republic of Ireland.

In an email to The Irish New Media, a spokeswoman for the organisation said the group was working with the Irish Government to ensure that the new English-Fannic language is made available to all people who need it.

To contact The Irish Reporter, email [email protected] or call 01 1 632 5060.

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