Why are Armenians so sensitive about Russia?

In late December, Russia declared war on Armenia and declared war against the Armenian population of the region.

But that does not mean that Russia’s war against Armenia has been a quiet one.

On Friday, Armenians began to protest against the Russian war in the Armenian capital, Yerevan.

Some demonstrators burned a Russian flag and set it alight.

A Russian soldier was shot dead by a protester who had attacked a checkpoint and attacked Russian and Armenian soldiers.

On Saturday, a group of protesters, mostly from neighboring Armenia, burned a number of Russian flags in a public park in Yerev.

And in the capital, in the center of the capital city, hundreds of protesters gathered in the streets to condemn Russia and demand the resignation of President Serzh Sarkisian.

The protest is being described as the largest protest in Yerenova’s history.

Armenian President Serzian has called the protests a response to a military coup in 2014 that toppled the government of President Serge Sarkisians predecessor, Gagik Sarkis.

Serzh is an ethnic Armenian, and while the Russian government says it is investigating the protest, no charges have been filed against the protesters.

Russia has blamed the protesters for spreading false information about the country’s invasion of Crimea.

Many of the protesters are also calling for the resignation or immediate arrest of Serzh and the entire Russian government.

Serzians response has not been without controversy.

In April, Serzh sent a tweet that suggested that the protests were not peaceful.

It read: “What is the purpose of such an absurd and irresponsible protest?

It’s not just the people of Armenia, it’s the entire world, and I don’t care who you are.”

But there has been some criticism of Serzion’s response.

In the run-up to the protest Saturday, Serziovs comments sparked outrage.

In one tweet, Sershian said that the protesters’ message was “unfair” and “irresponsible.”

Serzios government has responded to the protests by blaming the protests on the “opposition.”

Many of those who have joined the protests are also accusing Serzh of trying to control the protests.

“The protests are very similar to those of the previous government,” Yerevych, a Yereva journalist, told The Associated Press.

“People were protesting because of the new government, the new president, and that government is now trying to use all the powers it has to crush the protests.”

The protests have also caused tensions between Serzh’s government and some other nations, particularly in the Balkans.

The Serzh government has said it is not planning any retaliatory action against the protests, but the protests have not been limited to the Russian capital.

In Yereven, protesters also took to the streets of the Armenian city of Gagias.

The demonstrators marched in the street and burned a picture of Sershia on the roof of a church.

In Gagis, Serhian said he would take action against those who were responsible for burning the picture.

“We will punish those who burned it,” he said.

“This is against the law.

This is against our law.”

In Yerfon, the capital of Armenia’s Diyarbakir province, the protesters burned the flag of a country called Armenia, according to the AP.

On Sunday, the president of Armenia addressed the crowd in the town of Turgut, saying that Serzh was being “incited” to fight the protests in the city.

“I would like to ask you all to remain calm,” said Armenia’s President Serghis Sarkisik, according the AP report.

“Don’t be provoked, don’t be afraid.

We are not at war, and we will fight to the end.”

The protesters also set fire to the flags of the neighboring countries.

In a video posted on social media, the protestors can be seen holding banners that read, “Russia, go home!” and “Russia!

Go home!”

Protesters have been demanding that Russia take measures to stop the war in their country and to end their oppression.

Russia, Armenia, Turkey, and Iran have all declared war over the protests and have launched airstrikes on several Armenian cities, including the capital.

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