What’s the deal with the EU?

An article on the Financial Times website has asked readers to ask “What is the deal” between the EU and Turkey over the detention of an Australian businessman and the deportation of his family to Turkey.

The article quotes Turkish officials saying that the detention, which was announced on Monday, was done because of the US sanctions on Ankara and “in the interest of the Turkish people”.

“The US and Turkey have no good relations,” said one of the officials.

“The Turkish people will never accept this decision.”

Mr Karakaya is a US citizen and the son of Turkish citizens.

His parents and brother were detained and deported in January from Turkey after Mr Karas said they failed to pay taxes.

He has been held in the northern town of Van, near the border with Syria, since his arrest.

“I have a daughter who is 5 years old.

My mother has two daughters, and I am in need of a father,” he said in an interview with Australian broadcaster ABC News.

“And this is something that’s happened to me, to be held in Van and to be deported.”

Mr Trump’s decision has prompted calls from European politicians and human rights groups for an apology from the US administration.

“For what?

We have nothing against the US,” said French MP and Human Rights Watch director, Nils Muiznieks, who described the detention as “completely disproportionate”.

“It is absolutely shocking.

Mr Muizieks said he believed Mr Trump should explain the circumstances surrounding the detention and to apologise for what he described as the “shameful treatment” of Mr Karayas. “

This is an outrageous abuse of power and I would ask the US government to explain itself.”

Mr Muizieks said he believed Mr Trump should explain the circumstances surrounding the detention and to apologise for what he described as the “shameful treatment” of Mr Karayas.

“We have nothing to do with the US and we can never have any relations with them,” he added.

The European Parliament also expressed concern over the timing of the decision and urged the US to release Mr Karays family.

Mr Karaya is accused of being a member of a banned Turkish military faction, Fethullah Gulen’s movement.

The organisation, which has ties to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged a decades-long insurgency against the Turkish state, has been accused of planning attacks against Turkey and the US.

Mr Gulen denies the allegations.

The arrest and deportation has sparked protests in Turkey, and international concern.

In response, the Turkish government has called for an investigation into Mr Kara and his family’s fate.

Mr Erdogan has said Mr Karo’s arrest is in the interests of the national security.

“It was a mistake to have the arrest of Mr Mr Karan as a pretext to deport the family,” the Turkish prime minister said.

“Mr Karo has been arrested for some time, so he is not a threat to our national security and national security is not in the interest [of] Turkey.”

Mr Erdogan also said he would “stop” any US extradition request if the family were to return to Turkey and face charges.

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