What’s behind the massive rise in Islamophobia in France?

France has seen a sharp rise in the number of cases of Islamophobia, which is now the third-most common form of discrimination after racism and anti-Semitism.

In the last five years, Islamophobia has risen from 4 percent to 18 percent of all cases of discrimination, according to the report by the Paris-based Centre for Research on Racism and Intolerance (CRIF).

While the report does not quantify how many Muslims live in France, it estimates that the number is around 25,000.

CRIF also reported that anti-Muslim sentiment is rising in France.

In 2017, only 22 percent of French citizens felt at least some fear for their safety due to Islam, compared to 37 percent in 2016, the CRIF report found.

France is no stranger to anti-Islamic sentiment, with President Emmanuel Macron once declaring, “France is not an Islamic country, and Islam does not belong in France.”

The country’s new president, Marine Le Pen, has recently proposed that France’s Islamic community should be allowed to leave the country.

France has had a very different relationship with Muslims since World War II.

In 1944, the country granted citizenship to nearly 2 million French Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, but the Jewish community has remained largely under French control ever since.

France’s largest Muslim community, the French National Assembly, recently passed a law to allow them to vote, but has not yet signed it into law.

The rise of Islamophobic sentiment in France has been seen as a backlash against the country’s liberal values.

In a 2015 opinion poll by the French newspaper Le Figaro, 60 percent of respondents said they were worried about immigration, while 43 percent said they supported it.

The majority of respondents also said that Islamophobia was a problem, although it is unclear how many of them are Muslim.

The CRIF research found that Muslims are more likely to be targeted than Jews, as they have been in France since at least 2014, when more than 400 Muslim school children were stabbed to death in a suspected anti-Semitic attack in a suburb of Paris.

The police said the attack was connected to an anti-Israeli protest that had taken place that same year, but some Muslim parents say the incident was an attempt to shut down a protest against Israel.

The attack in Paris was just one of many attacks targeting Muslims in France in 2017.

In June, a group of masked men wearing masks attacked a Jewish family in the Paris suburb of St. Denis, killing six people and wounding two others.

At least 12 people have been killed in a series of deadly attacks since January 2017, when a man killed eight people in a Paris suburb with a knife.

In July, three women were killed in the northern city of Lille by two men in a knife attack.

In October, a man drove his car into pedestrians on the promenade in Nice, killing 86 people, mostly young children, and wounding hundreds more.

In December, a Muslim man was arrested after an apparent attack in the French town of Nice.

A month later, a 24-year-old Muslim man drove a car into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

That attack killed 86 people.

In May, a 19-year old Muslim man attacked a synagogue in the southern city of Marseille, killing a rabbi and injuring several others.

In September, a French court convicted a Muslim youth of stabbing an 85-year–old Jewish man to death at his home.

In August, a Moroccan teenager was sentenced to 18 years in prison after stabbing three Jewish children and two Jewish adults in a Jewish cemetery.

In November, a gunman who had just killed five people in the central Paris suburb St. Charles-le-Grand was shot dead by police.

The gunman was also a suspected member of a far-right group.

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