‘My heart is broken’: German language ‘worst translation app’

The German language app BestTranslator was ranked the worst translation app in Germany, a survey by the company showed.

The survey showed the app had 1.8 million downloads.

The app’s main purpose was to translate texts between English and German, and it also translated some foreign language texts, including the word “bastard” in German.

BestTranslate was recently acquired by Google in a deal that was valued at $4.8 billion.

In a statement on its website, the company said it would not comment on the poll.

“We believe in transparency and we are proud of the millions of downloads we have received.

However, in order to share the facts we have not been able to give an exact number,” the company wrote.

The German app was developed by Berlin-based translation app company Deutsch-translate.

The company said in a statement that it had not received any complaints from users.

It said it had no way to track how many users used the app.

“Our app has been downloaded more than 6.8million times since it was launched,” the statement said.

“In total, we have over 10 million registered users and we will continue to grow.”

Deutsch Translate is part of a group of companies that includes Google and Microsoft.

It also includes app maker Microsoft Office Translator.

Deutschtranslate also says it is an “independent translator” of foreign language books in English, Spanish and French.

“While we are happy to provide free translation for free, we also have to make sure that the translation is accurate and reliable,” the app’s official website said.

In addition to the app, DeutschTranslate also sells an English translation service.

Its “Translator Pro” service is available for about $10 a month.

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