How Danish translator ‘translates’ Chinese characters

A Danish translator has been dubbed “a Chinese character translator” by a Danish website.

The translator, who goes by the name “Sue”, told the Copenhagen Post that he has translated over 200 characters from Chinese characters to Danish ones and is “happy to be called a Chinese character translator”.

“I have a real passion for Chinese and I love translating, and this is a great opportunity to show my skills,” Sue told the paper.

“I want to make it a bit more fun for the public and for the translator, so I hope people will enjoy the translation.”

Sue has been translating Chinese characters for about five years.

“My job is to translate between English and Chinese, and to translate Chinese characters between Danish and English,” Sue said.

“It’s not a job for everyone.

But because the Danish version is so different from the Chinese, it was difficult for me to translate the word “kang” correctly.” “

For example, I was translating the Chinese characters ‘kangbashi’, which means “black bird”, into English.

But because the Danish version is so different from the Chinese, it was difficult for me to translate the word “kang” correctly.”

Sue said that he started translating Chinese as a hobby in 2011, and that he “never expected it would be so popular”.

He also has a website called “Chinese Translators” where people can learn more about translating.

Sue’s translation of “kah-ka-ba” from the Japanese version has been viewed over 1.6 million times.

Sue has also translated characters from the Swedish version of the Chinese game “Tengoku”, which is considered a classic.

“The Swedish translation is much better,” Sue explained.

“So far I’ve translated over 100 characters from Swedish to Danish, and I’ve had lots of fun with them.”

Sue told reporters that he hopes that the translation of Chinese characters into Danish will help to increase the number of people using the language.

“That’s something I want to do more of.

I think it’s a very important language for Denmark.

People need to learn about it and get used to it,” he said.

He added that his job is not to help translate the Chinese character into Danish, but to help the Chinese community in Denmark to learn Danish as well.

“There are no restrictions, I don’t need a translator.

I just want to help,” Sue added.

“In a few years, I want Danish to become the language of the world.

I hope that people will understand me.

I’m very happy to be doing this.”

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