How Chinese students are adapting to the internet and social media

The Chinese students who are learning English online are coming to terms with the digital revolution and the internet.

A survey of nearly 2,000 Chinese students conducted by the University of Melbourne found that 70 per cent of students were learning Mandarin while the rest were learning English.

The study, conducted in collaboration with the University College London and the National Taiwan University, also found that most students had already mastered basic vocabulary.

One student, named Li Jun, said he had no problem learning a basic word from an online dictionary.

“I already knew the word for a tree,” Mr Li said.

“I just want to be able to speak it, I don’t need to learn it in person.”

A survey of almost 2,200 Chinese students also found 80 per cent were familiar with basic English vocabulary.

About half of those who spoke Chinese had already learnt basic English.

The survey also found the majority of Chinese students, 81 per cent, were confident in their English.

The survey of students found that 88 per cent believed in social media and 90 per cent said they felt they could share information and ideas.

But while 81 per the survey, 83 per cent reported being able to communicate in Mandarin.

But the majority, 80 per, said they did not think they could read in English. 

Mr Li said he would continue to read books online to improve his English.

“I want to read more in English because of the language, but I have no idea how to do it,” he said.

Other students had not taken the survey to gauge their English skills, but said they were aware of the advantages of learning online.

“There are more options to learn English than just reading, or talking in English,” said one student named Wu Yong, who said he was confident in his English abilities.

Another student named Huang said he felt comfortable with his English skills.

“It’s not too bad, it’s not hard, and it’s the language that I learned in school,” he told ABC News.

“It’s the English that I learnt at home.”

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