Bokeh Japans translation of ‘Dragon Ball’ is the world’s best, Google translate says

Bokehr, a small town in eastern Boke, north of Jakarta, has an old-school feel.

The local government building is adorned with statues of the legendary Saiyans.

Its streets are lined with wooden statues of ancient Buddhist monks.

In the main square, a man holds a bamboo pole.

A woman in a long red dress stands in front of the main entrance to the town hall, wearing a red kimono.

“I grew up in Boke.

I know this town very well.

Boke has been my hometown for so long,” said Jomnun, an old woman who lives on a small plot of land beside the square.

She is a Buddhist monk, but also a traditionalist, who has lived in Bokes house since childhood.

Bokes people worship the Buddha as their leader, and have traditionally practiced the Buddhism of the late 7th century, which the Japanese have dubbed “Zen Buddhism.”

“The Japanese have always called Buddhism Buddhism Zen Buddhism,” said Rui, who asked that his last name not be used.

He said he believes the word bokeh is a translation of the word ʻjiji jigoku’ (literally meaning ‘devil’s voice’), referring to the voice of the Buddha.

ʔJiji jiggoku’ means ‘devils voice.’

The local authorities in Bokhara say they are pleased with the result of Google’s translation of Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods, which translates the Japanese title of the manga into English.

“Google is a global leader in translation and translation service.

Our translations of Dragonball and other manga have always been top of the line, and this is our first time in a while to see them in Bokerah,” said Bokerakan Khatunen, the mayor of Bokerag, who is also a Buddhist.

Bokerakana is the local name for a Buddhist sect in Indonesia.

In Japan, Bokeraks traditional name is 三世虫販華腾, or Shūma Shingon.

The name of the character Goku from Dragon Ball is also 三右虩財菭腿, or Shingan Goku.

The Bokerayans name is 黃自己, or Kaihan.

In English, the Japanese translation is モンタースコリスティーチョング, or Dragon Ball Translator.

In Japan, a dragon is a dragon.

In Bokeragh, a local dragon is called ヒールド虎竜.

“We’ve always been very proud of the name of our local dragon.

This is a new and exciting development for us,” said Khatanen.

Google Translate, which Google acquired last year, is one of the worldʼs largest translation and localization services, with nearly $1.7 billion in revenues in 2014.

Its website says its translation capabilities translate more than 300 million words a day, with more than 3,000 translations in English.

The company declined to comment on the Bokeraha translation.

The company is also looking for more translators to work with it in Indonesia, said Gao Hao, an English teacher who runs the Bokehiro English school in Bokin.

“We have a lot of students who are studying English in Bokers main university.

I’m sure they’ll want to work closely with us,” he said.

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