A new language for scientists

By MARIANNE MALINETTE, Associated Press Fox News,WASHINGTON (AP) The University of Pittsburgh is trying to bridge the gap between scientific research and everyday life with a new language.

The new language, dubbed Algebraic, aims to allow scientists to make discoveries faster and more easily than their native language.

It was developed in collaboration with the Carnegie Mellon University.

Algebraic aims to make it easier to understand how something works by incorporating the concepts from other languages into one.

“The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Algebrais the concept of the cube,” said Professor Andrew W. Geller, one of the project’s co-founders.

“The cube is a way to think about the mathematical concepts that we use in everyday life.”

The project is part of the Carnegie Science Initiative.

It’s funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the American Science and Engineering Foundation and the National Defense Science and Technology Council.

Geller and the team hope to create a new generation of scientists who can better understand complex problems.

It’s a project that could be a boon to researchers who have long relied on language to communicate their research.

“You can be as brilliant as you want, but if you have to go through a million words to understand the idea that you are trying to understand, it’s very, very difficult,” said Algebraist Brian P. Dolan, an assistant professor of mathematics at Stanford University.

The language is also aimed at making it easier for students to understand scientific information.

“Students are much better at understanding things when they’re learning in a language that they understand,” Geller said.

“What they’re doing is using algebra to express the idea, but they’re not thinking about it the way you do when you’re learning it.”

Researchers can make new discoveries by creating new algebraic formulas and formulas with algebraic properties, Geller added.

The program was created by two researchers who study artificial intelligence, one from Carnegie Mellon and one from Stanford.

The Carnegie Mellon project is using Algebra to create artificial intelligence that learns to think in new ways.

The Stanford project is working on developing algorithms that can automatically translate mathematical formulas into English.

“We’re trying to build an algorithm that can do things like translating a formula into English,” said Laura M. McVey, who was an assistant faculty member at Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

“I think Algebra can be a way of helping scientists do things that they otherwise might not be able to do in a more traditional way.”

Researchers also hope to provide a tool that can allow researchers to communicate with their peers.

“Algebra is a great tool for researchers to interact with their colleagues and learn from their peers, and that’s why Algebra is the language of the future,” said University of Texas-Austin physics professor David C. Clark, a co-founder of Algebra.

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