A German translation of a Russian text

by a German author article By Eric Holthaus | October 11, 2018 11:28am EDTUpdated | October 12, 2018 08:29pm EDTAn academic from the University of Hamburg who has translated the first three chapters of the German language book on the Great War and the Russian Revolution has claimed the text has “the essence of a German-language propaganda book.”

Gernot Bünzli, who heads the German translation project of the University for Historical Research and the Center for German Studies in Berlin, said the first five chapters are in German, and there are references to the “totalitarian system” and the “German National Socialist movement.”

He said the book also includes an introduction to the subject of “the Russian Revolution” and its “revolutionary period.”

“The book is a German translation that is meant to be a work of history, it is a book about history and it is not a book to be read as an academic text,” Büzli told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The text was published in 1851, two years before the end of the war.

The second chapter was published three years later.

It was written by Wilhelm Schmitt, who served as Reichsführer-SS from February 1918 to January 1923.

He later became the chancellor of Germany and then became a diplomat in the British government.

The third chapter is in English and is titled “The Russian Revolution in the Second World War.”

It was first published in 1905, when Schmitt was only 19 years old.

Büzllli said he has found no evidence that Schmitt’s writings were used to create the book.

The text does, however, include a translation of the text that was published by the British Library in 1876.

Buellli was speaking at a news conference in Berlin on Thursday where he revealed the contents of the book were stolen from an English library in 2010.

Bünzli said that a team of investigators discovered that “the first four chapters were copied from the British collection in the United Kingdom.”

“So it’s a copycat and the plagiarism is very serious, and the book is stolen,” he said.

“The British library, and this was also in 2010, had stolen a copy of the second book,” he added.

He said he plans to publish the text in a German language edition that will include English translations.

Buelll said the work could also be published in a Russian language version.

Schmitt, whose name is the only one in the text, died in 1881.

He is known for his work on the Russian revolution, which was supported by Adolf Hitler.

Budapest, Hungary, is the capital of Hungary and has been home to a large number of Nazi and other extremists for decades.

The book was stolen by the Romanian national security agency from a Hungarian library in 2011.

The German language text is the first of a series of books on the Nazi era that have been translated into English and published in the U.S. The series was created in the early 1970s.

The British Library said the original British collection had sold in 2012 for $15 million and was believed to be worth about $10 million.

Bueda said it had no record of the item being sold and had no information about who bought it.

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