‘Passion’ to open Japanese site for ‘passion’ fans

Japanese fans of anime and manga have been anxiously awaiting the launch of a new site dedicated to the series.

Japanese fans of Anime are excited to be able to find out what is going on with the Japanese dubs and the latest news about the series, the series creator and its cast.

But that excitement is quickly overshadowed by what the site will be selling for fans.

While fans can find out the latest on the latest anime, a new translation site called Passion translates Japanese to English and it has been set up for Japanese fans.

Passion is run by the same team who run Anime Expo and Anime Expo Tokyo.

According to Passion, Passion is a “passion site” that is designed to provide fans with “an experience of anime fandom that is unique to them and to the fans around the world”.

A huge focus of Passion is the dubbing process.

Passion says it is the first site in the world to be fully staffed by an anime production team, and it is aiming to hire about 80 people by the end of this year.

Passion has also partnered with the production company Sunrise, which is producing anime for television.

A big focus of the site is on the anime adaptation of the first volume of the novels by Kana Hanazawa, the manga’s original creator.

Passion, which has more than 1 million registered users, says it will continue to translate the series into English, but will focus on the original Japanese source material.

Passion also aims to offer fans a variety of different ways to interact with the anime, including a series of Japanese chat rooms where fans can meet other fans in person.

The site also allows users to buy fan-designed t-shirts and other merchandise.

It will be interesting to see how the new site fares compared to Anime Expo.

Fans have been waiting for the site to be opened for years.

Passion’s new site was recently closed by the Japanese government after being blocked by authorities in China.

But Passion is hoping that the new project will be able fill the void, since there are still a number of Japanese anime fans who are still waiting for a new place to go to catch up.

“This site will serve as a venue for fans to meet and share their anime fandom experiences, to connect with other fans and to celebrate anime fandom,” Passion’s CEO and CEO of the website, Yuzuru Nakayama, told Anime Expo in an email.

“For the past few years, Passion has been striving to create a community of anime fans, and today we have reached a milestone that marks the start of Passion’s long journey to become an anime fan destination.

Passion will continue on its path to becoming the anime fandom community of the future.”

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