How to write the perfect headline for The Washington Post

The Washington Times article The story, about the botched rescue of a baby and her mother from a burning house, had an effective headline.

It was a story about a tragedy and about a group of people, a group that included a woman, and it was effective in its use of language.

That’s because the phrase, “a family of four,” is not the standard headline used for every story.

The headline “Four in Four” is a common headline, but the Times has changed the headline “a woman and her three children” to “four in four” as part of its redesign.

We hope this change helps the article’s readers, and we hope it helps the children of the woman and the woman’s children who are at risk from the fire.

But the headline’s meaning has not changed.

“A family of Four” was a headline in the original version of the story, which was published June 29, 2014, in which the mother and her children, who were all infants at the time, were trapped inside a burning home.

The Times had used the headline since then to refer to a family of eight in four, and that had also been used in the final version of this article.

The new headline “A woman and three children trapped in a burning building” refers to the mother’s four children, all four of whom are children.

The first family of six The Times used a headline that was less clear-cut.

In the original story, the woman was trying to reach her husband, who had been trying to escape the fire, when she came upon a burning structure.

She was able to get out of the burning house with the help of a firefighter, who called for help.

The man had been trapped inside the house with his three children.

He was trapped inside, and he had managed to escape from the house by hiding in a nearby building.

A firefighter had tried to get in through a window and had been shot.

The second family of five The Times added a new family of 5, and the story used that family of fifth as a jumping off point.

It added that family to the story when it ran the headline, “Five in Five,” on May 8, 2015.

This time, it changed the word family to family.

It changed the meaning of the word, “family” from “family of four” to the “family in four,” and it changed how it was described in the story.

As the children were coming out of hiding in the building, the firefighters tried to save them.

They had to fight their way through the fire to the building’s roof.

The fire was so intense that it had completely gutted the roof, and there was only one ladder left to get down the building.

The firefighters tried everything they could think of to save the five children, including using the ladder to reach the attic.

But when the children got up onto the roof and they realized that they were trapped, they tried to use the ladder again.

When they did, they had to climb down and get back on the roof again.

That meant that they had only one way to get back down and stay down there, so they had a chance to get the children out, and then, of course, they were going to have to climb out the roof once again.

The children were alive and well, and they had saved themselves, but that didn’t mean they were safe.

They were in danger of being killed by the flames.

The family of three It wasn’t a story that was very clear-eyed about the risks involved, but it was a good headline that made a lot of sense.

The story focused on the dangers posed by a fire and the dangers of an accident that might have killed a child.

The third family The family’s fourth child was also killed in the fire and lived in the house.

The fifth child was saved by a firefighter and the fire was put out.

The mother and three of her children were saved, but not before the fire had destroyed the third and fifth children’s lives.

The other family of two The Times changed the family of 2 from “three in two” to a more precise three in four.

That means that, for the headline in this story, three in two means “a couple of families in a four-family house.”

The headline said that the family had been saved, as it was, by a firefighters’ ladder that had been used to reach through the roof.

It said that, “and they were still trapped inside.”

The firefighters had succeeded in getting into the house, and, with help from the firefighter, they found the children trapped inside.

They saved the family, and now the firefighters were coming to help the children.

And they had succeeded.

The families had survived the fire by climbing out the window, but they were all trapped inside as the roof of the house had completely collapsed.

There was a window in the window that had not been able to be closed.

The roof of their house had collapsed

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