How to get into the ‘Arabic’ market

Enchanted Table translated from Arabic into English, a tool for people interested in learning Arabic.

Photo: AP.

“The word ‘Arab’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Abd al-Malik, meaning ‘of the sun’ and ‘Arab’, meaning ‘Arab’,” Mr Salmi said.

“Arabic is the language of Islam and Islam is the name of the language.”

Arabic speakers are usually more educated, but not necessarily Arabic speakers.

“Mr Salmi explained the word ‘Hieroglyphy’ is a term for the letters and symbols used in Arabic.”

The hieroglyphs are the symbols of the Arabic alphabet,” he said.”

There are different symbols, so you have different letters and different numbers.

“For example, the letter ‘h’ has three dots at the end.”

This means that there are three different characters in Arabic, and each one has three different numbers, or hieroglypy.

“So for example, there’s an ‘I’ that has two dots at its end and an ‘O’ that’s the same as ‘i’, but it has three numbers.”

In the context of an Arabic dictionary, he said, the ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘I’.2″The ‘H’ in the above example has three possible numbers, so it’s a triple ‘O’.”

That’s the first hieroglype.

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