Chinese translator and translator for the CIA’s Thailand-Burma operations dies at 99

Chinese translators and translators in Thailand have died, according to an Associated Press report, adding to the toll of translators killed since the end of the Vietnam War.

The agency that provides support to the CIA in Thailand said on its website that the “translator, translator and interpreter who was killed was a former interpreter with the Agency and was a friend of the Agency’s Thailand branch for many years.”

The CIA has not said how many translators were killed or how many of their jobs were lost, but AP said the agency did not release a death toll.

The agency’s Thailand office was responsible for helping the Thai government coordinate the operation against communist rebels.

Thailand’s government has denied the CIA killed the translators, saying they were not targeted.

More from GlobalPost: China to be the next big U.S. oil exporter, but it won’t be a repeat of VietnamThe AP said that, according on its own research, “the CIA’s Thai-Burmese office had previously reported that in the years leading up to and during the Vietnam war, it assisted the Agency in its effort to identify and eliminate potential communists.”

It added that, although the CIA has been accused of having its hands tied by the Vietnam government, it continues to work closely with the Thai regime to help the country counter communist insurgencies.

The AP also said that in a 2016 internal CIA report, a former CIA employee said the Agency had “successfully targeted and eliminated several dozen potential coups d’etat” in Thailand, which “also included the CIA-sponsored campaign against the Thai Communist Party.”

The CIA’s mission in Thailand was expanded after the Vietnam peace accord, which was reached in 1954, in recognition of Thailand’s continued support of the warring factions in Southeast Asia.

In 2018, the CIA announced it would stop sending foreign aid to Thailand, citing the conflict in neighboring Myanmar, where Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists have been struggling for decades to carve out their own nation.

The CIA also announced in October that it was moving its headquarters from the U.N. headquarters in New York to a location in Bangkok.

The move is part of a broader restructuring that includes the resignation of the CIA director.

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